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CNX Software Article: Linux 5.1 Release – Main Changes, Arm, MIPS And RISC-V Architectures

By May 6, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Linux 5.0 release brought us Adiantum file system encryption for fscrypt, support for AMDGPU FreeSync, Btrfs swap file support, Energy-aware Scheduling for Arm big.LITTLE, and many other changes. It was also the first release where I started to cover RISC-V changelog.
RISC-V updates for Linux 5.1:

  • A handful of cleanups to our kernel prints, most of which are things I should have caught the first time.
  • We now provide an HWCAP that contains the ISA extensions that all enabled processors support, as supposed to just looking at the first enabled processor.
  • We no longer spin forever waiting for all harts to boot.
  • A fixmap implementation, which is coupled to some cleanups in our MM code.

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