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In the News Article: Now On GroupGets: RISC-V LoFive R1

By May 6, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

The RISC-V LoFive breakout just received a fresh update and here to tell you about it in his own words is Michael Welling of Qwerty Embedded Design. Welling is no stranger to using GroupGets to crowdfund production funds for his works. He graciously brought us the PocketBone, the original LoFive, and BaconBits. While on his flight home from the first KiCon in Chicago, our co-founder Ron Justin shot him over these questions about the LoFive R1, which is now +80% funded on GroupGets.
Q: When and how did RISC-V get on your radar? It wasn’t on ours at all until you showed us your first LoFive board.
A: I think that RISC-V first garnished more of my attention in 2016 after meeting a few members of the FOSSi team at the Google Summer of Code mentor summit. They mentioned many software efforts related to free silicon including RISC-V implementations. Around the same time, the HiFive1 first released to crowdfunding and 2017 would be the year the RISC-V really took off.
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