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cnBeta Article: UW Technology Introduces World's First PD Plus Controller Chip with Integrated RISC-V Core

By June 3, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

On May 28, 2019, U-Tech released its new architecture USB PD family product UPD350 series. The new product incorporates the USB PD 3.0 controller and a more open, flexible RISC-V core processor. This family of products can be used to support enhanced PD applications.
Huang Yonghua, CEO and founder of U-Tech, explained that embedding the RISC-V core into the PD protocol controller gives us a new degree of freedom and gives us enhanced features for future innovative applications, such as protocol upgrades, power management, multi-application extensions and more. The company implemented the RISC-V core in the early stages of FPGA system verification to meet the needs of flexible and innovative customers. The RISC-V instruction set is stable and reliable, and there are no obligations or license agreements that prohibit product design, long-term development or technology transfer. U-Tech chose RISC-V as the basis for future PD Plus controllers.
To read more, please visit: Please note that the original article is in Chinese.

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