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[RISC-V Application Example: Wearable Device] Ultra-Power-Saving SoC Becomes the Key to Battery Life | Yu Zhihao, iThome Online (Chinese)

By February 22, 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

Graphics chip maker Nvidia uses 300 million SoC chips in GPUs every year. Three years ago, it suddenly decided to switch to open source homemade chips. Less than half a year, another storage WD also called out more than 1 billion SSD controller cores annually Replaced by the same open source architecture, and also launched 3 non-Arm design CPU products. Even in Asia, there are more than 20 million SoC chips used in smart bracelets and watches. They also come from open source. Even 700 shipments last year. Samsung, which has 10,000 5G mobile phones, will use open source architecture to design dedicated 5G chips in the future.
An open source chip designing a new architecture is setting off a new revolution in the hardware industry.

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