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Integrating Forces from All Walks of Life to Build an Industrial Ecosystem RISC-V Alliance Gives Taiwan Another Option | DIGITIMES

By June 2, 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

The Internet of Things trend has driven various industries to become smart. Due to the different industrial characteristics, the requirements for system functions of various fields are also very different. This has also caused the application of the Internet of Things to become fragmented. In 2015, the professors of the Berkeley University Department of Electrical Engineering were established. RISC-V Foundation, RISC-V officially met with the industry, and its architectural features are very suitable for the use of IoT edge devices, so it has attracted the attention of the industry since its launch. Taiwan ’s technology industry also formed the Taiwan RISC-V alliance in 2019. Lin Zhiming, vice president and general manager of Jingxin Technology, said that the establishment of the alliance is to integrate the three forces of production, learning and research, build the RISC-V ecosystem, and strengthen Research and development energy to prepare for the upcoming AIoT and 5G business opportunities.

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