Open source silicon pioneer Antmicro has announced its involvement in the European Commission’s Very Efficient Deep Learning in Internet of Things (VEDLIoT) project, with the aim of developing a next-generation platform specifically for the IoT — and it’s looking like that platform will centre around the free and open source RISC-V architecture.

“Comprising a 12-member international research group, VEDLIoT aims to develop a next-generation software/hardware platform for the Internet of Things,” the company explains of the project, coordinated by Bielefeld University’s CoR-Lab. “Antmicro’s contributions, among other things, will be to leverage its leading position in RISC-V, machine learning and simulation, developing open source RISC-V-based soft SoC infrastructure for the project and providing a Renode simulation environment for testing the platform’s security and robustness.”

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