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Video: neXt Curve Webcast: RISC V – Ready or Not?

By April 28, 2021May 6th, 2021No Comments

The semiconductor industry has never faced a more tumultuous and exciting time than now. Competition, innovations, and geopolitics are forcing tectonic shifts in the industry landscape. These shifts have put a spotlight on RISC-V from multiple vantage points that highlight its emerging importance. While it is still early days, SiFive has been at the forefront of advancing the RISC-V agenda and bringing it to the mainstream. James Prior, Head of Global Communications at SiFive, joins neXt Curve to address the following: * What is the state of the RISC-V nation? * What are the current opportunities for RISC-V to advance? * What are the challenges facing RISC-V? * What does the ”ecosystem” have to do to prosper & grow?

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