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Video: The RISC-V Online Tutor | British Computer Society Open Source Specialists

By May 4, 2021May 6th, 2021No Comments

Presented Fearghal Morgan, NUI Galway, Ireland RISC-V Online Tutor provides structured, self-paced RISC-V architecture and applications training and reference. It uses the vicilogic platform (online learning, remote FPGA prototyping and course builder). The course browser transparently interacts with remote RISC-V FPGA hardware. Lessons control remote hardware input signals, probe internal RISC-V signals, and overlay signal state as widgets on interactive course diagrams. The strategy provides a visually-rich, interactive learn-by-doing experience. Users learn RISC-V assembly, architecture design, RISC-V code HDL capture, pipelining and hazards, and introductory-level C to assembly. The platform can be used to extend training modules to support RISC-V training, e.g, on RISC-V extension hardware implementation. The presentation describes the course structure, pedagogy examples, course build process, recent user experience, and analytics. Fearghal Morgan is a lecturer/researcher in the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway), working in online learning and remote labs, reconfigurable computing and bio-inspired systems. Fearghal has worked in industry (ASIC and Comms design), along with 28 years in University teaching and research. Publications: Google Scholar

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