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Introducing an Open Source Microkernel OS for AIoT | Blues Lin, RT-Thread

RT-Thread engineer has given a presentation to introduce RT-Thread Smart, an open-source MicroKernel OS. RT-Thread Smart is positioned as a professional, high-performance, micro-kernel operating system for real-time applications.

It offers an open-source foundation for embedded devices in any market: Security (for example, IPC cameras), industrial control, onboard devices, consumer electronics, and anything else using embedded technology (which is increasingly coming to mean “everybody”). It’s significant because of all traditional IoT operating systems, a micro-kernel operating system is the only one that can fill the gap between a traditional Real-time operating system (RTOS) and a comparatively large operating system, like Linux, to achieve the best balance between real-time performance, cost, security, startup speed, and so on.

Watch the full video. 

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