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Google comes up with new OS for RISC-V | Nick Farrell, Fudzilla

By October 18, 2022October 24th, 2022No Comments

KataOS is more secure

Search engine outfit Google has shown off its KataOS, a new secure operating system for embedded open-source RISC-V chips.

Google’s KataOS is written “almost entirely in Rust” which removes entire classes of bugs, such as off-by-one errors and buffer overflows.

The project’s GitHub page emphasises that KataOS and its umbrella project name, Sparrow, “are a work in progress.”

The company said it wanted to build a secure platform that’s optimised for embedded devices that run ML applications.

“This is an ongoing project with plenty left to do, but we’re excited to share some early details and invite others to collaborate on the platform so we can all build intelligent ambient systems that have security built-in by default,” Google said.

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