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RISC-V Is Thriving: Here’s What You Need To Know | Steve Brown, Semiconductor Engineering

RISC-V, the open-standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) conceived by UC Berkeley developers in 2010, is going from strength to strength.

The RISC in RISC-V stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer, meaning it’s designed to simplify each individual instruction given to the computer.

As RISC-V is an open standard, anyone can implement, customize, and expand the ISA to suit their requirements. RISC-V isn’t the first open ISA: Several older RISC ISAs, including POWER and SPARC, have been released into the public domain as open source. The OpenRISC project has proved popular in academic and hobbyist circles, for example. Yet none have gained the industry-wide traction of RISC-V.

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