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SiFive launches Performance P670 and P470 RISC-V energy efficient processors | Bogdan Solca, Notebook Check

With the release of the P670 and P470 RISC-V processors, SiFive plans to deliver competitive alternatives to legacy technologies for the wearables, smart home and AR/VR markets. The new processors are touted to bring considerable performance boosts over ARM’s Cortex cores.

SiFive’s expansion in the rapidly evolving RISC-V market continues with the announcement of the P670 and P470 processors – two new models from the Performance lineup that aim to address the need for high performance and efficiency in high volume small-size devices like wearablessmart home appliances, industrial IoT, AR/VR headsets etc. Thanks to the addition of vector instructions, the new solutions are recommended by SiFive as powerful alternatives for the “legacy ISAs,” plus they can offer greater flexibility for the Android Open Source Project ecosystem that already welcomed Qualcomm and Samsung among its prominent supporters.

Technology highlights for the P670 and P470 processors include extended virtualization support, full out-of-order vector implementation with first to market RISC-V vector cryptography, improved security via SiFive’s WorldGuard system, and Advanced Interrupt Architecture compliance.

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