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Server-class RISC-V Core Unveiled by Ventana at RISC-V Summit | Aaron Carman, All About Circuits

By December 19, 2022January 4th, 2023No Comments

In a bid to bring RISC-V to the high-performance, data center computing space, Ventana announced their Veyron family, a series of processors positioned to offer the flexibility needed to drive innovation.

Choosing last week’s RISC-V summit as the venue, Ventana Micro Systems announced its upcoming Veyron V1 high performance RISC-V processor. The V1 is the first entrant to the Veyron family, a series of high performance chiplets and IP designed for server/data-center grade applications.

Ever since RISC-V was openly released in 2015, it has gained considerable traction as an open, collaborative, and extensible microprocessor. While other processor architectures are proprietary, RISC-V ensures that anyone can use the architecture to promote development and growth in the engineering and compute communities.

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