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Samsung To Build Next-Gen Tenstorrent AI Chiplet Leveraging RISC-V Architecture

AI chip manufacturing firm, Tenstorrent, has announced a collaboration with Samsung Foundry to develop next-gen cutting-edge chiplets based on its RISC-V architecture.

Samsung’s Foundry Division Receives a Boost With Tenstorrent Deal For Next-Gen RISC-V AI Chiplet

Samsung has recently made headlines, especially due to recent developments within its foundry division. The business has shown great optimism towards its 3nm GAA process, which has garnered immense interest from the industry, with the likes of NVIDIA and AMD eyeing future adoption. Apart from that, Samsung Foundry has also refined its 4nm process, which has been reported to have secured major orders from the data center industry, and it now looks to transition into chip development as well.

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