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Navigating the RISC-V Revolution in Europe

IP collaborations helped propel RISC-V-based innovation in Europe last year, targeting processing speeds that meet the growing performance requirements of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. The ability of RISC-V to coalesce multiple components within a single chip or SoC will be a key growth driver this year and beyond, but what will perhaps be most interesting to watch is how effectively the architecture can penetrate new and diverse application sectors.

RISC-V International expects the market for RISC-V IP and software to reach $1.07 billion by 2025, and SHD Group recently predicted a compound annual growth rate of roughly 40% for RISC-V IP revenues between 2022 and 2030 (Figure 1). Offering a free and open standard instruction set architecture (ISA) as an alternative to proprietary ISAs has aided not only the growth of reduced-instruction–set computing (RISC) principles in general but has also driven innovation across a widening applications range.

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