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[VIDEO] Applications for the RISC-V Revolution – The Electropages Podcast with Bluespec, Inc

By April 20, 2024May 6th, 2024No Comments

Welcome to another episode of the Electropages podcast. Today, host Robin Mitchell is joined by Charlie Hauck, CEO of Bluespec Inc, to explore the latest developments in RISC-V technology and its applications. Charlie discusses the challenges and solutions in creating efficient and scalable semiconductor tools, emphasising their critical role in fostering innovation across various industries. The episode looks at Bluespec’s transition from an EDA-focused company to a leader in RISC-V cores and tool development, highlighting their strategic shift to meet the demands of modern hardware design.

Charlie details Bluespec’s comprehensive approach to RISC-V architecture, offering both silicon IP and development tools that enhance engineers’ abilities to optimise performance for specific applications. This flexibility allows Bluespec to meet a wide range of customer needs, ensuring that both new and legacy systems benefit from the latest in semiconductor technology. The discussion underlines Bluespec’s commitment to innovation and customer-focused solutions in the semiconductor sector, navigating the complexities of hardware acceleration and system optimisation.

Watch the full video.

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