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EET Taiwan Article: 3D NAND Saves Mobile Phone Space Shortage Anxiety?

By September 25, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, notebook computers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices – modern people who seem to be inseparable from various electronic devices every day, in fact, really can not get rid of all kinds of invisible, but visible information.
For example, mobile phone users have increased their downloads in recent years, and tend to try some more complex applications, such as 4K video playback and recording, network video streaming download, navigation, and VR/AR. The phone has a larger memory capacity.
Recently, Westen Digital (WD) senior vice president Christopher Bergey and product marketing vice president Zhu Haixiang accepted an interview with the Chinese version of EE Times China.
“The RISC-V instruction set architecture is best suited for data-centric computing architectures because it provides a standardized process supported by open source software, giving developers the freedom to adopt, modify, and even add proprietary vectors,” Bergey said. Therefore, we have been openly and transparently supporting RISC-V and will support the development of new RISC-V architecture storage controllers.”
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