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Getting Started with RISC-V China Roadshow Proceedings

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China Roadshow Proceedings

May 6-16, 2019

In collaboration with the Linux Foundation, the RISC-V Foundation hosted a series of free, Getting Started with RISC-V events in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing. These events showcased innovative RISC-V implementations from members of the Foundation.
The roadshow featured talks from Alibaba Group, Andes Technology, Codasip, GreenWaves Technologies, Nervos, Nuclei System, NXP, PerfXLab, SiFive, Syntacore, Tangram, UC TECH IP and UltraSoC.
Check out the agenda and slide presentations below to learn more. Of note, additional slide presentations will be added to the agenda over the next few weeks.

Agenda and Presentation Slides

Time Event Speaker, Affiliation Slides
8:30-9:00 Welcome and Check-in
9:00-9:20 Introduction to RISC-V  RISC-V Foundation Slides
9:20-9:40 Nuclei RISC-V Solution Paves the Way to Your Application Defined Chip  Nuclei System Slides (Mandarin)
9:40-10:00 Pushing Data from the Edge to the Cloud with RISC-V Ecosystem  Alibaba Group Slides
10:00-10:20 Productivity Tools for Automated Generation of RISC-V Processors  Codasip Slides
10:50-11:10 How to Choose Your AIoT RISC-V Core? 如何選擇你的AIoT RISC-V核心?  Andes Technology Slides
11:10-11:30 Perf-V: The Cost-Effective Development Board for RISC-V Community  PerfXLab Slides (Mandarin)
11:30-11:50 Enabling AIoT with RISC-V on a Battery for Years  GreenWaves Technologies Slides
1:00-1:20  SCRx Family of the RISC-V Compatible Processor IP  Syntacore Slides
1:20-1:40 RISC-V Enters the Mainstream – Next Steps for the Ecosystem  UltraSoC Slides
1:40-2:00 TG403: a High-Performance Secure RISC-V Based MCU for Embedded Applications  Tangram Slides (Mandarin)
2:30-2:50 Expanding RISC-V Ecosystem for China Adoption 扩展RISC-V生态系统,助力中国市场  NXP Slides (English)
Slides (Mandarin)
2:50-3:10 Innovation Unleashed: Solutions and Silicon Enabling the Intelligent Edge and Linux  SiFive Slides
3:10-3:30* CKB-VM: a Blockchain Focused, General-Purpose Applicable Software Sandbox System Based on RISC-V  Nervos
3:30-3:50*  Innovation Thrust  UC TECH IP

*Please note, the Nervos and UC TECH IP presentations only took place at the Hangzhou event.

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