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RISC-V Summit 2023: RISC-V is Here for Developers!

RISC-V Summit North America 2023 brought the RISC-V ecosystem together to share the latest technology solutions, proving that #riscvishere! A key takeaway from the show was the range of tools, boards and technologies now available for developers. Keep reading to discover how you can harness the power of RISC-V for your next project!

RISC-V 101

Not sure where to start with RISC-V? RISC-V 101 was a new program that gave an introduction to the open standard RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), our diverse ecosystem and the RISC-V based technologies that are powering a wide range of markets.  RISC-V 101 is available on YouTube, with the sessions “Why RISC-V?” and “The RISC-V Software Ecosystem” of most interest for developers. 


A broad and robust open source software ecosystem is key to the success of RISC-V. All the applications, libraries, and other components that developers rely on must be available on RISC-V.

RISC-V Labs, launched at the Summit, is a new program to grow the RISC-V open source software ecosystem and accelerate the efforts of developers worldwide. RISC-V Labs brings together member companies from across the ecosystem to give developers the resources they need to build and test their software, from porting of existing projects to development of new components that will power the next wave of computing innovation.

RISC-V Labs makes a range of different physical and virtual hardware available, broadening the set of platforms developers can target for testing, which accelerates porting and helps to facilitate the early discovery of software regressions.

Find out more in our launch blog and discover how you can access 10xEngineers Cloud-V service for your next RISC-V software project.   

Developer Zone

One of the must-see areas of Summit was the Developer Zone, where we gathered together 40 development boards, development systems and end products from across the ecosystem.

The boards on display enable development across a wide range of application areas including  AI, data center, education, IoT, machine vision, and voice recognition. You can find out more about each developer board by following the links to the RISC-V Exchange which give an overview and a link to the manufacturer’s web page. 


Some of our members even came along with products based on RISC-V, including a smart watch, remote control car, soldering iron, laptops and tablets!

We truly appreciate Andes Technology and SiFive for sponsoring the Developer Zone. SiFive won Embedded Computing Design’s Best in Show Award for its Performance P470 which it demonstrated on site, while Andes technology featured in a range of developer boards including the Asus Tinker VRenesas Electronics RZ/Five and HPMicro HPM6750EVK2.

Presentations and Demonstrations

The program of keynotes, talks, and Demo Theatre presentations, is a rich resource to explore the latest in RISC-V development. Browse the full program of talks which are available to view on the RISC-V YouTube channel.  Subjects include ML , Android, Linux, Debug and Trace, and GCC.

RISC-V is real and ready for Developers

Across RISC-V Summit 2023, it was inspiring to see all the technologies available to enable development on RISC-V and the energy and enthusiasm of the attendees to explore them. We can’t wait to see the new developments in 2024! Explore the content above and visit RISC-V Learn Online to start your own RISC-V development journey.  

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