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RISC-V Summit Europe 2024

The RISC-V Summit Europe is the premier event that connects the European movers and shakers - from industry, government, research, academia and ecosystem support - that are building the future of innovation on RISC-V. Join us in Munich on June 24-28, 2024.




The RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) and related specifications are developed, ratified and maintained by RISC-V International contributing members within the RISC-V International Technical Working Groups. Work on the specification is performed on GitHub, and the GitHub issue mechanism can be used to provide input into the specification.



The Rise of RISC-V – Analyzing Market Trends and Ecosystem Dynamics

The SHD Group has released a comprehensive market analysis report titled “RISC-V Market Analysis Report; Application Forecasts in a Heterogeneous World 2024.” This report offers a deep dive into the evolving landscape of the RISC-V market, providing insight into the current RISC-V adoption by System-on-Chip (SoC) designers.



RISC-V Summit Europe 2023 is now on-demand!

Watch all the keynotes, demos, and presentations from RISC-V Summit Europe 2023 online!


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Reviewing the 2023 RISC-V Summit

The 2024 RISC-V Summit is already in the planning stages, but if you missed attending the 2023 version, then you’re in luck. The keynote and technical session videos are available.


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RISC-V International comprises a large member organization building the first open, collaborative community of software and hardware innovators powering innovation at the edge forward. Through various events and workshops, RISC-V International is changing the way the industry works together and collaborates – creating a new kind of open hardware and software ecosystem. Become a member today and help pioneer the industry’s future de facto ISA for design innovation.

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Whether you're a student aiming to complement your university education or a professional in the process of transitioning to RISC-V, check out our Top 3 Educational Opportunities to Propel Your…

Announcing The Fourth International Workshop on RISC-V for HPC

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The RISC-V HPC Special Interest Group is organising a workshop at ISC24, one of the leading High Performance Computing (HPC) conferences. The workshop will run on the 16th of May…

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Dr Tadej Murovič, Codasip | RISC-V and Codasip Revolutionizing the Future of Processor Design

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Dr Tadej Murovič of Codasip discussed how RISC V and Codasip are revolutionizing the future of processor design. Watch the full video.

BeagleV-Fire Unboxing – Running Linux 6.1 Kernel on RISC-V!

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Platima Tinkers on YouTube reviewed the BeagleV-Fire. Watch the full video. 


RISC-V International Newsletter – December 2023

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Message from RISC-V International As we look back on 2023, we wanted to express our gratitude to the entire RISC-V ecosystem. Throughout the year, we witnessed groundbreaking developments, new product…

RISC-V International Marks Banner Year for RISC-V Adoption, Technical Momentum, and Community Engagement

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RISC-V adoption continues to expand across key vertical markets including aerospace, AI/ML, automotive, data center, embedded, HPC, and security  Santa Clara, Calif. – Nov. 7, 2023 – At the RISC-V…

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